For over 150 years accommodation has been offered on the site where The Lord Clyde stands. From the canvas and wood ‘Hotel United States’ (1862) to the more substantial ‘Port Philip Hotel’ (1868) and finally the impressive two-storied stone building of today (1903), the tradition of offering a warm welcome and fine hospitality continues.

The restoration, preservation and management of this heritage-listed building has been undertaken by Andrea and David Ritchie (of Olivers in Clyde) in conjunction with Andrea’s sister Victoria Hansen.

A Note on The Lord Clyde Name

Clyde (originally Upper Dunstan) was renamed in 1865 by Surveyor J.T.Thomson, in honour of Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde (1792 - 1863).

Sir Colin Campbell, 1st Baron Clyde, pursued a military career seeing service in the Peninsular Wars, the China War, the Sikh War of 1848 and the Crimean War. He was commander-in-chief in India in 1857-60 at the time of the Indian Mutiny and recaptured Lucknow. In 1862 he was created field marshal and died, unmarried, the following year. As Sir Colin Campbell he served as Aide-de-Camp to Queen Victoria from 1842 to 1854. Upon dining with Queen Victoria at Windsor, she found him ‘a charming, frank, merry old soldier, very agreeable & attractive ……. He has all the good manners of an older generation, which are not seen now alas!’